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Accounting Miami is the specialist that will deliver all the bookkeeping and accounting needs of your company. We are one of the most trusted accounting firms in the industry that has guided thousands of companies to achieve their business goals through proper and up-to-date financial management. 

We have a team of licensed and certified accounting professionals that will lead and guide you to find ease with your accounting needs that would equate to better financial management.

What We Can Do For You

Business owners of small companies often find it hard balancing and coming out of the needed numbers and looking for ways to develop and grow their business. Accounting Miami can help you. We can provide your business with all your bookkeeping and accounting needs. Our professional services cover everything from accounting tax preparations, payroll services, financial statement audits, checking of books, budgets, and more. Also, we’ll provide you with well-trained and skilled accounting experts that are not only focused and thorough with their job but are also problem solvers and are results-oriented. 

Trust that we’ve got you covered with the numbers while you focus on equally important business cores that need your attention for business development and success.17863222123

What Makes Us Different

We are committed to making our professionals be professionals at all times in their job. That means that we provide them with the proper training and learning to keep them abreast with the ever-changing business of accounting. Also, we provide them with advanced techniques, tools, and resources necessary to keep them a step ahead in the industry. All these huge investments of Accounting Miami ensure that our professional accountants and bookkeepers are well-equipped in terms of knowledge and skills to provide exceptional accounting services to our valued clients. 

In addition to their knowledge and skills competence, human relations form part of their training. That’s why we are confident that our teams of accounting experts are friendly, respectful, and approachable that translates to a better company-customer relationship. 

This is what keeps us a cut above the rest. This is the kind of business setting that every business owner would want for his company.



I have a small business that I run. Accounting Miami has been as helpful with my business as I let them handle the financial management. Their accounting services fit right into my business. 

- John Guise

I’m so grateful that I worked with this top-notch team from Accounting Miami. The people are friendly and their work system is even people-friendlier. How they do their job is so inspiring. They’re very focused and dedicated. It’s a good thing that a friend referred them to me. Now, I can focus on other equally important aspects of my business. Thank you, guys! 

- Juliet C, Beauty Salon, Co-owner

Since I hired Accounting Miami for my company’s needs of accounting, it’s been straight up, since. Aside from their great service, I’m also provided good financial advice that I’ve always makes sure to follow. I’ve been working with them for five straight years, and now my business has expanded to other regions.

- Thomas Huey

Benefits of Having a Virtual Bookkeeper

Most companies know that one of the most crucial aspects of the business is to have the proper fiscal management so that finances can provide the capability and flexibility of the company to acquire better business opportunities. But most problems occur when the people you trust to come out of accurate and timely numbers needed by the company fail their job. Accounting Miami can help you with these problems. Our virtual professional accountants and bookkeepers are well-trained and equipped with advanced techniques and tools to answer all your bookkeeping needs. They are committed and dedicated to providing you with the results you need to come up with the best financial decisions to achieve the companies’ goals.

To know more about the various advantages of virtual bookkeeping, read on.


Most companies that Accounting Miami has successfully served agreed that hiring a virtual bookkeeper is cost-efficient. As these virtual accountants remotely serve your bookkeeping needs, they are provided with their tools such as laptops, computers, and others saving you a lot of money since you don’t have to pay for the equipment and utilities they used, like electricity. Also, they’re not your employees so there is no need to pay for sick leave, bonuses, perks, and other monetary considerations given an on-site employee.

Automated Archiving to Provide Better Business Organizing

An automated bookkeeping system has a lot of benefits for any kind of company. If you need any important documents or data, such as your receipts, they are readily available for you. The convenience of automated archiving will be more productive for the company.


Professional Bookkeepers

Accounting Miami are licensed and certified accountants and bookkeepers. They are well-trained and better equipped with advanced tools and techniques to guarantee excellent service for your company. Our proficient team has had long years of experience in the industry and made a lot of successful business engagements in the industry. They are among the most sought after accounting experts you have in the business. Also, they are approachable, friendly, and courteous giving you a great experience while working with us. 

Lessen Bookkeeping Errors

Our bookkeeping experts are thorough and methodical with their job. You are sure to lessen any bookkeeping errors such as keying of data which also saves you time. 


Up-to-date Books

With our virtual bookkeeping professionals, you are sure that your books will be constantly checked and updated. Any data or document that you’ll need will be thoroughly vetted by our experts providing you accurate and timely bookkeeping services. This benefits business owners since they don’t have to worry about their fiscal management which is well-managed by our virtual accountants and bookkeepers. This will also provide business owners with more time to deal with other aspects of the business. 

Who We Can Help

Accounting Miami cater their goal-oriented services to any type of business in the industry, whether big or small companies or private and government agencies. Leave to us the numbers and we guarantee you that we’ll deliver the results that your company needs. 

We serve a long line of industry players in our collection such as construction, real estate, care homes, dentist, medical practices, and more that have experienced our exceptional accounting and bookkeeping services. 

How to Get Started with Virtual Bookkeeping

Getting started working with our professional virtual bookkeeper is easy. You’ll need to identify first your companies’ accounting needs or the problem areas where it needs fixing. After the initial consultation, our experts will advise you with the proper course of action to solve the problems. You’ll be introduced to how our system works. Then we will let you prepare all the information we need so we can start with the work to be done. 

We’ll start the bookkeeping process by exchanging needed information or data. A software custom-fitted to your bookkeeping needs will make our job faster, easier, and more secure. After our experts have thoroughly applied all the virtual bookkeeping processes such as cash flow maintenance, excel accounting data entry, bank and credit reconciliation, balance sheet management, and trial balance maintenance, and more are accomplished, accurate and timely reports and recommendations will be submitted to you. This will help you make better and educated decisions about your company’s finances.


Our Service Guarantee

Our comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services will take care of your company’s fiscal management. We deliver the right numbers so you can focus on other aspects of your business for your company’s growth and development.


How does a virtual bookkeeper work?

A virtual bookkeeper handles your bookkeeping remotely. You communicate with them and share your financial info using software. They categorize your transactions and prepare financial statements for your business.

What does a remote bookkeeper do?

Remote bookkeepers are responsible for some or all of the financial accounts for their employer or client. They may work independently or within a department to manage all accounts payable and accounts receivable within the organization, depending on the size and needs of the company.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a bookkeeper?

Our virtual bookkeepers are cost-efficient since they work remotely and you’re not required to pay for their recruitment, taxes, and equipment. You will also be guaranteed that accurate and timely provision of information and date when you need it. Our virtual bookkeepers use technology to provide full data security and confidentiality to all the important information and data that you provide us. These and more advantages will surely make business life easier for you. 

What is Full Cycle Bookkeeping?

In a reporting period, full cycle accounting consists of all the activities that an accountant undertakes to produce financial statements within that period. These activities may include recording business transactions, adjusting entries, producing financial statements, and closing books.

What does a bookkeeper do on a daily basis?

Bookkeepers oversee a company’s financial data and compliance by maintaining accurate books on accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and daily financial entries and reconciliations. They perform daily accounting tasks such as monthly financial reporting, general ledger entries, and record payments and adjustments keeping accurate records of a company’s financial transactions is important, but so is ensuring the success of your business.

What is remote accounting?

A remote accounting job allows you to build your career with an incredible company while offering you real flexibility where and sometimes even when you do your work. Others are Hybrid, meaning the company has an office and wants you to be nearby but they let you work where you prefer.

Should I give my bookkeeper access to my bank account?

If they are doing your bookkeeping and charge by the hour, giving them access to your bank account will save them time and your money. You can grant view only access which means they won’t be allowed to do anything with your money.

What information does a bookkeeper need?

A bookkeeper needs to know what kind of business entity you have, who owns it and much of it is owned by each person. This will help her keep accurate records of the company’s equity accounts. Finally, receipts, receipts, receipts.

How often should bookkeeping be done?

The answer, however, is dependent upon what you want to use your bookkeeping for. Typically, business owners who do their bookkeeping once a quarter or once a year are doing so purely to make HMRC and Companies House happy.

Should I hire an accountant for my small business?

You should hire an accountant for your small business when you need help with the collection, analysis and reporting of financial information. Accountants can interpret your financial data in order to help you make better business decisions when it comes to your company’s money.